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If you’re at the point where you’re looking for Trenbolone for sale, then you probably have a pretty good idea of what this steroid is all about. You might have heard it’s the single most powerful anabolic steroid in use today.

This is a true value for money steroid. Its performance is absolutely sensational, but it’s a also a steroid where you absolutely get your money’s worth.

In fact, it’s value is probably worth a lot more than the money you spend on it, because Trenbolone is one of the most affordable steroids we can buy today. When it comes to getting bang for your buck, you’d be hard pressed to find another steroid that ticks all the boxes like Trenbolone does.

Most bodybuilders who use Trenbolone regularly will tell you it’s worth every penny – and more. Many use it for this exact reason – it’s cheap and it does what no others steroids can do.

Trenbolone Benefits (Effects)

Trenbolone has many effects which lead to specific benefits. It’s a very versatile steroid and one which works in several ways to give bodybuilders what they want the most: muscle gains, fat loss, physique conditioning and strength enhancement.

Trenbolone increases nitrogen retention and improves nitrogen balance and this process is the most critical aspect of building muscle. Once the body is able to create protein more efficiently, growth occurs.

Trenbolone speeds up this process thanks to another of its great benefits: improving nutrient efficiency so you are getting more out of every calorie you eat. This is a key process of why Trenbolone is used in livestock – to enhance feed efficiency and promote muscle growth. It just so happens that these properties are highly desirable to us bodybuilders as well.

Trenbolone can also lower cortisol levels. This stress hormone, if present in high amounts, acts as a catabolic hormone. In other words, too much cortisol leads you to lose muscle mass and potentially gain fat. Cortisol is the enemy of bodybuilders, so this is an important benefit of Trenbolone.

Trenbolone promotes a hard and defined physique and thus is often used as a cutting compound prior to a competition.

Trenbolone does not convert to estrogen, so theoretically at least your gains come without water retention or other estrogenic effects. Despite this, Trenbolone’s downside is that it does have a progestin nature and this can lead to gyno without mitigation.

This is a steroid with very powerful benefits and effects, but it’s also notorious for its often equally powerful side effects.

Trenbolone Side Effects

Trenbolone is famous for its benefits and results, but it might be even more famous for its side effects. You won’t find many people talking about their Trenbolone experience without speaking about the side effects.

Some guys are lucky enough to get away with only mild adverse effects, but for most this steroid is going to present more problems than almost any other compound out there.

  • Insomnia and night sweats – increased anxiety and sweating can cause mild to severe sleeping problems when on Tren, and some guys will find they’re suddenly experiencing full on insomnia. This will send your workouts and your results down the drain, and it’s not unusual for users to resort to sleeping aids or medication to combat this side effect.
  • Androgenic – with a mammoth androgenic rating of 500 it’s little wonder Tren will cause some severe androgenic side effects, but this won’t be universal. Some guys are lucky enough not to be predisposed to acne or male pattern baldness. However if you’re one of the unfortunate ones then you can be hit hard with Tren. Prolonged use can also cause negative impacts on the prostate.
  • Testosterone shutdown – all steroids will suppress your natural testosterone function to some degree, but Trenbolone is possibly the most severe in this regard and it’s to be expected that this steroid can cause a total shutdown of testosterone production, even at low doses. This can lead to erectile dysfunction, low libido, muscle loss, and a host of other problems. Including testosterone in your Trenbolone cycle dosed at least to hormone replacement levels is absolutely essential.
  • Increased aggression and irritability – you will likely feel extra edgy on Tren, but the extent of this is going to depend a lot on your personality. Some will experience severe lows to the point it causes problem in everyday life, while other guys will only have mild mood changes or aggression that can be positively channelled into your gym work without spilling over into your personal life. The higher your Tren does, the more likely you are going to see more pronounced effects on your mood.
  • Tren cough – a minority of people might suffer a coughing fit after injecting Tren. This is thought to be because of the solution finding its way into the capillaries. It’s not serious, but can be uncomfortable and alarming if you didn’t know to expect it. The coughing should only last a few minutes at the most.
  • Decreased cardio capacity – Trenbolone can cause some cardio impairment in some users. In the real world this can mean becoming out of breath sooner when doing intensive cardio workouts, your endurance can seem significantly hampered and if you’re asthmatic, you might notice pretty alarming difficulty in breathing. Unfortunately for some, this will not just be in the gym but in any recreational pursuits as well, or just when walking up stairs.
  • Progestin – It’s exciting to learn that Trenbolone is not an estrogenic steroid, in other words it does not aromatize or convert to estrogen. But on the flipside you can still suffer with dreaded estrogenic type side effects, in particular gyno. The reason is because Tren is a progestin so it binds to the progesterone receptor. Progesterone related side effects can mirror those of estrogen. Gyno can be quite severe on Trenbolone but you should be able to combat this using the same anti-estrogen or aromatase inhibitor drugs that are used with estrogenic steroids.

All in all, Trenbolone does put a lot of stress on your physical and mental health. The more of you inject, the more severe these adverse effects can become. Some guys just can’t go beyond the lowest doses for these reasons.




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