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Buy ecstasy pills online is the first thing that comes to mind when you want to use mdma pills. This is because with the growing use of the internet in recent times, it is well known that you can get anything you want online if you know what you are looking for and how to search for it. This has lead many users to buy ecstasy pills from our shop as we provide the best quality mdma pills online and make sure that we always lab test our products before we produce or supply them to the market.

Here, we provide this product to the market mainly because of its uses both recreational and medical. Many people use it recreationally for its effects which lifts mood and makes partying more enjoyable. For medical uses, mdma for sale and buy ecstasy pills have been known to help in PTSD treatment and other mental health treatment courses.

Currently MDMA is an illegal substance across the world – a class A drug in the UK and a schedule 1 substance in the US, meaning it is seen as having no therapeutic or medicinal value, but new and recent studies are challenging this notion.

Studies by David Nutt and Imperial College London have shown MDMA-assisted therapy to have significant potential in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and alcoholism. Various other studies seem to back-up MDMA’s potential for treating PTSD and also its positive use in psychiatry.

Using MDMA Pills In Medical Treatment

MDMA has also been shown to have vastly positive results in couples therapy, with some couples claiming partaking in MDMA-assisted therapy significantly helped them in their relationship and even as individuals.

The reasons for these benefits likely lie in MDMA’s empathy and euphoria effects. Due to the serotonin activation in the brain it seems difficult for users to feel anger, stress or negative emotions while on the drug. This seems to allow people to look at negative situations or past traumas with less anxiety or anger, and instead with empathy and understanding.

At present, MDMA cannot legally be used in psychotherapy but more and more studies are being done which test both MDMA’s positives and drawbacks. The drug itself is not the treatment but rather enables therapy to be more effective. Attempts to self-treat with MDMA could do more harm than good in the absence of a professional therapist trained in MDMA psychotherapy.



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